Fitness and Kidneys


I have reduced mobility, what can I do to support my kidney health?

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Help your kidneys with these easy daily exercises


You can find tips and exercises here for people with reduced mobility to increase daily physical activity, improve circulation and support kidney health.



Exercise 1


Lie down with both legs at an angle and put a pillow in between the knees. Push your knees together, hold for a few seconds and relax.


Repeat this exercise several times.

Exercise 2


Sit on a chair or stool. Raise and low one leg at a time.


Repeat several times.

Exercise 3


Bend your head slowly as far as is comfortable forwards and move it back gently. Repeat.

Exercise 4


Rotate your head slowly as far as is comfortable to the left, to the right, to the centre. Repeat.

Exercise 5


Raise one hand or stretch one arm out.

Clench your hands into a fist (hold the tension for a few seconds) and open it again. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Exercise 6


Take a (half) filled bottle of water or an object with a similar weight with one hand. Extend your arm and (if possible) lift the bottle.


Lift and lower the bottle. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Exercise 7


Top: Lie down with one leg at an angle and move the other leg as if you were cycling in the air. Change legs.


Bottom: Move both legs at the same time as if you were cycling in the air.

Exercise 8


Left: Use the back of a sturdy chair (or a railing or similar). Hold on to the back of the chair with both hands and gently bend your knees, hold if you can and stand straight again.


Right: Hold on to the back of a sturdy chair or similar as in the previous exercise. Lift your heels off the floor and hold for a few seconds, return to standing. If you are secure you can loosen your grip on the chair to train your balance.

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