What are the signs and symptoms of DKD?

Some signs and symptoms may include:



Albumin/protein in the urine




Weakness, paleness and anemia


Ankle and leg swelling, leg cramps


Less need for insulin or antidiabetic medications


Morning sickness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting


An increased need to pee - particularly at night


High or elevated blood pressure (hypertension)

Are there any additional risk factors?

Some risks factors can also contribute to the development and progression of DKD in diabetic patients:

• Sustained hyperglycemia: that is when the levels of sugar in the blood are not well controlled and remain elevated for long periods of time.

• Dyslipidemia: high levels of fatty acids in the blood (i.e, cholesterol and triglycerides)

• Smoking

• High blood pressure

• Previous damage to the kidneys

• Diet: diets rich in sodium, protein of fat can also have an impact in the development of DKD in diabetic patients.




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