What causes Lupus Nephritis?

Nobody really knows what causes SLE. The reason why some SLE patients develop LN is also not clear. 

However, some risk factors can increase the chance that a person with SLE will develop LN. Having one or more of these risk factors doesn't mean that you will definitely get the disease but your chances of developing it are higher than if you don't.

Risk factors for SLE and LN can include: 


Genetic factors




Race or ethnicity


Environmental factors

• Genetic factors: People with variations in some genes are more likely to get SLE and LN. There more than 80 genes identified in relation to the incidence of SLE. 

• Gender: Women are 8 to 15 times more likely than men to get SLE and are also more likely to have autoimmune diseases in general.

• Race or ethnicity: People who are Black, Hispanic, or Asian are 2 to 3 times more likely to get SLE and are more likely to die from LN than people who are white.

• Environmental factors: people are more likely to get SLE and LN if they smoke, are exposed to certain chemicals (including pesticides), or have had some types of infections.




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